Viking Minies


15-20 pcs. 



1: All ingredients are stirred together in a large bowl. Make sure the plant food is stirred and even.

2: Place the plant food mixture in the fridge for at least 30 min. before usage. Remember to cover the bowl in the fridge.

3: Take the plant food mixture out of the fridge and heat a large pan on medium-high heat.

4: Take out a large plate and make a mixture of the breading, parmesan cheese, salt and dried chillies.

5: You use a teaspoon to shape the little minies, which are then rolled in the breading mixture and thrown on the pan. When they are golden brown on the outside, they are ready. If you want the minies to be round then you need to flip / roll them around on the pan while cooking. This is easiest done with 2 tablespoons.

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