Viking Asian Patties


6-7 pieces.

Viking plant meet - 300 g
Buckwheat flakes - 100 g
Eggs - 1 piece
Leeks tops (chopped) - 2 tbsp.
Fresh parsley (chopped) - 2 tbsp.
Fresh ginger (minced) - approx. 5 g
Fresh red chilli (chopped) - 1 tsp. (use the big chilies)
Curry - 2 tsp.
Salt - 2 tsp.
Frying oil (coconut oil recommended)

1: All ingredients are stirred together in a large bowl. Make sure the plant meet is stirred and even.

2: Place the pant meet in the fridge for min. 30 min. before using it. Remember to cover the bowl in the fridge.

3: Take the plant meet out of the fridge and light a pan on medium-high heat. Pour the oil pan for frying.

4: Use a tablespoon to shape the parts and press them slightly flat when they are on the pan. Fry them at medium-high heat until they are nice golden brown on the outside.

5: The counters can stay fresh for up to several days in the fridge. If they need to freeze, do so immediately after they have cooled down.

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